In 1835 the buildings on the ‘Island’ including The Three Canons Inn were destroyed by fire. Cannon House was built here on the ruins of the Inn. In the 1841 and 51 Census the house was owned by William Scott, a Shoemaker. In 1878 White’s Directory shows Mrs. Eliza Webb offering Lodgings here. In 1891 Charles Kerslake with his wife Harriett is a Lodging House Keeper, succeeded in 1901 by their granddaughter Kate Jackman. She is still listed here in the 1925 Chagford Guide under Furnished Apartments: ‘Central position. Quiet house. Speciality of old fashioned Devonshire Dishes’.

A.J.Merrifeld is thought to have been the first chemist in Canon House.

Then came Harry Rihll who also owned the pharmacy in Moretonhampstead.

Rihll’s Real Rennet for perfect junket making and Rihll’s Chest and Lung Mixture are still fondly remembered. Medicines were routinely carried out to patients in outlying communities by anyone travelling there.
Claude Holcombe took over in 1974. Chas and Wendy Mee, both pharmacists, arrived in 1981.

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