Postcard marked 1902, a view showing Sally’s Newsagents before the ground floor was converted to a shop.

We have been fortunate to have had a Newsagent on this site for over 100 years.

Diary of Mrs. Mildred Ann Hill who ran Moorlands Hotel: Nov. 23rd 1907 ‘Bought gramaphone and eight records at Hallett’s, 2gns’

Deeds show previous owners as:

  • 1905 Mr Richard Holmes Butcher, who probably used this additional space before the shopfront was created.

  • 1914 Mrs.G.N.Hallett.

  • 1919 Mr. H.J.Gray, a Watchmaker by profession who continued to mend clocks and watches here while selling bicycles and newspapers.
  • 1929 Mr. G. Harding
  • 1946 Mr. M.C. Ellis
  • 1958 Mr. R.T.Gough
  • 1961 Mr. F.D.Lacey
  • 1967 Mr. and Mrs. A.S.Nicholls
  • 1975 Mr. and Mrs. L. Youd followed by their daughter Gill until 2006.

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