Historic Chagford: An exhibition of the history of the shops in our town.

Click on or near a number on the map or choose from the list of shops below for more information. 


  1. Blacks
  2. Bowdens
  3. Butchers  (Martins)
  4. Chemist  (Canon House)
  5. Beehive
  6. Dairy  (Devonshire dairy)
  7. Divine
  8. Fowlers
  9. Fruit Loop  (The Market House or ‘Pepperpot’)
  10. Helpful Holidays
  11. Jaded Palates
  12. Pepperpot Gallery
  13. Rue de Fontenelles  (No. 1 Mill Street)
  14. Sallys
  15. Spar   (now Rue de Fontenelles)
  16. Three Hares Gallery  (Dartmoor Lodge)
  17. Vets   (now Moorland Grocery Store)
  18. Victoria Sponge   (now Beachwood Bakery)
  19. Wood & Rush