[Note this entry refers to the old site of the Spar shop which resited in 2018-9.]

Our Spar Shop is on a site  which has served Chagford since the 1840s. The Census tells us that Mary Ann Heard was a Grocer and Draper here in 1851 followed by Mary Cole and Anna Nosworthy in 1861 and Charles and Harriett Kerslake  in 1871. In 1881 the long history of the Collins family business was established. At some time before the 1920s they removed the thatch and raised the building by another storey.

By the 1970s The International were trading here. Lloyds Bank bought the corner building in 1918 for £650. Originally cottages, it was an antiques shop in 1901, then Thomas Yardley’s China Shop, then Chard’s Fruit and Vegetables.

Eight weeks groceries for £5.5s.3½d ! [£5.26 in new money!]


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