Globe Inn


The Globe Inn as we know it today was newly built in 1833 as this advert from the Exeter and Plymouth Gazette of June 1833 shows.

Exeter and Plymouth Gazette June 1833

Newly built after what, we are not sure? We believe that prior to this new build there existed an inn called “The New Inn”. Evidence shows that the New Inn was listed in Pigot & Co’s directory of Chagford for 1830 and an advert in The Exeter Flying Post of 1804 shows a sale of timber to be held at the New Inn Chagford. The Licensed Victuallers Recognizances list landlords of the New Inn from 1799 to 1826 but the first records of the Globe Inn are not found until 1833.

The Exeter Flying Post 1804

There has been some mention of the Globe having previously been the “Black Swan” (Wallace Perryman “Old Inns of Chagford” – Western Morning News 1970) but no hard evidence exists. It is thought more likely that the “Black Swan” is the original name for the “Three Crowns”. This is because a black swan was an addition to the Whiddon coat of arms awarded to Sir John Whiddon by Queen Mary (1553-1558).

The Tithe Map of 1842 lists John Berry (the textile manufacturer) as the owner and occupier. However, the 1841 census tells us that Mr Berry was living in Mill Street and that John Heard was listed in the High Street as the innkeeper with Mary Heard as innkeeper’s wife. Also listed are Ann Snell Linen Draper and eight others mostly described as female or male servants.

Our next reference comes from the Plymouth and Exeter Gazette printed 15th of May 1846. This gives an idea of the size of the “Globe” property owned by John Berry at this time.

Plymouth and Exeter Gazette15th May 1846

It includes what is now Amy’s Flower Shop described as a Linen Draper’s and General Dealer’s Shop connected by a door from the bar (the door, though not in use, still exists today!). It could also be that Ann Snell mentioned previously in the 1841 census worked in this shop.

It also lists a brewery with cellars and plant capable of brewing 20 hogsheads per week- a hogshead is about 52 gallons- so in full production could provide over 8000 pints a week. The Inn could be let separately or together with the shop, brewery and malthouse, if so desired.