Monte Rosa

Monte Rosa opening April 1871

Monte Rosa was built by James Collins. A photograph shows the opening in April 1871. His wife was Ann Gregory and their children were Henry, Reginald, William, Mildred Ann, Gertrude, Kate and Ivy. James is listed in Harrods Directory 1878 as builder and proprietor of superior furnished apartments, suitable for families and tourists – with good stabling; and in White’s and Kelly’s Directories through until 1914.

The Collins family

Mildred Ann Hill, James’ eldest daughter, to whom James gave Moorlands to run as a Hotel on her marriage to Lloyd Hill, recorded on 5th Jan 1915, ‘Belgian wounded to tea at Monte Rosa, I lent them phonograph and records’ (M.A.H.Diary).

Mrs Ann Collins (James’ widow) continued to offer apartments in Kelly’s 1919 and 1923; followed by Mrs Gertrude Dicker (another daughter) now listing Monte Rosa as a Private Hotel, in Kelly’s 1930/31; 1935 and 1939.