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This is a trial search facility for those archive items that have been re-catalogued onto the Modes Compact database. To date only a portion of the archive has been re-catalogued and this process is ongoing.

There are seven fields on which the search can be performed:

  • ArchiveID: the unique reference number of the item
  • Summary: a short description of the item – this is the best field to search on
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  • PersonName: the primary individual  associated with the item (if there is one)
  • StartDate: if dates are available, the first/beginning date
  • EndDate: if dates are available for a period, the end date
  • Format: the physical format of the item, for example its size, material etc

The search is by free text only, case insensitive. Blank fields are omitted from the results.

If you require further details about any item(s) please contact us including the ArchiveID value(s).

Total Records Found: 1135, showing 10 per page
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.1132
Summary letter from Brewer, Kath to Rice, Alan re 1851 & 1891 census and history of Jeffery family
StartDate 29.8.1999
Format A4 copy paper
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.1133
Summary newscutting re Jeffery, Donald former postman returning to tailoring
Format copy paper
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.1134
Summary Special night of show and songs for Bobby Jeffrey
StartDate 3.3.2005
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.1135
Summary Chagford School celebrates Silver Jubilee also Mr A Jewells, headmaster 25 years service
StartDate 24.9.1961
Format A4
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.1136
Summary Amy Johnson visits Chagford 1935
Format paper