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This is a trial search facility for those archive items that have been re-catalogued onto the Modes Compact database. To date only a portion of the archive has been re-catalogued and this process is ongoing.

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Total Records Found: 1135, showing 10 per page
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.11
Summary Leaflet advertising Wonderworks 2008 Jubilee Hall Chagford with picture of ceramic square plate
PlaceName Jubilee Hall
Format one third A4 card
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.12
Summary invitation to private view Gidleigh Painters Exhibition St. Michael's Church Chagford
PlaceName St Michael's Church
Format one third A4
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.13
Summary invitation to art show party from Chagford C of E Primary School at St Michael's Church featuring artworks by past and present pupils and invited artists
PlaceName St Michael's Church
StartDate 2003
Format one third A4
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.14
Summary invitation to private view of sculpture exhibition at Stone Lane Gardens including work by Duncan Rice and June Ashburner
PlaceName Stone Lane Gardens
PersonName Rice, Duncan
Format postcard sized card
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.15
Summary ticket for illustrated talk by Yuli Somme, Papa's Shoes at Jubilee Hall Chagford with photograph of Yuli and other hikers
PlaceName Jubilee Hall
PersonName Somme, Yuli
Format one eighth A4 with photo
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.16
Summary invitation to launch of Feet Felt The Kit at Bellacouch Barn Chagford 2008 with photograph of felt shoe
PlaceName Bellacouch Barn
StartDate 2008
Format one quarter A4
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.17
Summary invitation to Virginia Pope art exhibition Outer Down Chagford 2011 with illustration of dog and hoop
PlaceName Outer Down
PersonName Pope, Virginia
StartDate 2011
Format postcard sized card
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.18
Summary handout describing life of William Snell Morrish as part of Dartmoor Society Exhibition Jubilee Hall Chagford 2012
PlaceName Jubilee Hall
PersonName Morrish, William Snell
StartDate 2012
Format A4
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.19
Summary poster advertising art for aid in Iraq exhibition at the barns of Chagford House 2003 with a sitar and tabla concert and photograph of man and child painting
PlaceName Chagford House
PersonName Romain, Ricky
StartDate 2003
Format A4
ArchiveID CHALH:2018.20
Summary exhibition booklet for Stems and Stitches St Michael's Church Chagford
PlaceName St Michael's Church
Format A5 booklet