Three Hares Gallery

An early picture of Dartmoor Lodge with Swindonia (left). Mr. R.R. Thorn stands at the Post Office door (right). There is no Chemist’s shop in Cannon House (left).

Dartmoor Lodge was a private house until the latter part of the 1960s when the late June Ashburner opened Chagford Galleries, now the Three Hares Gallery.

The Census lists various occupations.

  • 1841 John Luscombe 35, Carpenter;
  • 1851 John Luscombe 45, Carpenter, Master employing one man and apprentices;
  • 1861 John Luscombe 56, Builder with 2 men;

After this date it is difficult to identify occupants of Dartmoor Lodge until

  • 1891 Bessie E. Gibbons 45, Wife lives here with a housekeeper and a maid. Her husband may be in Swindonia next door: Wm Gibbons 80, Retired Wool Stapler; Wm Gibbons 45 Retired Wine Merchant.
  • 1901 Albert Parsons 37, Gas Works Manager and family.
  • c.1918 Mr and Mrs Jackman, running Gilbeys, a shop in the Nat West building.
  • 1949 Mr. and Mrs. William Denham. He took over George Reed’s engineering business in 1923 running it from Crannafords.

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