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    Jon Lawrence

    This strand of the Memory Bank is designed for people to post memories that relate to ‘Greater Chagford’ – that is to the villages, hamlets and farmsteads that have historically gravitated towards the town of Chagford as the natural hub of their social and economic life. Many of these, such as Easton, Frenchbeer, Drewston or Great Weeke lie within the bounds of Chagford parish, but others such as Gidleigh, Murchington, Wonson or Sandy Park are technically in adjacent parishes. We want to record memories about life and times in these outlying districts as well as in the town itself.

    If there is already a thread (Topic) about the place you remember then please add a comment to the existing thread, if not please create a new one.

    It is easy to create a new topic thread. Just scroll through the existing topics till you get to the ‘Create New Topic’ option at the bottom of the page. Give your topic a short, self-explanatory title in the ‘Topic Title’ Box and then type directly into the space below. Alternatively, you can cut and paste plain text into the template from any word-processing document that you have already created. You can then add topic tags to your post so that it is easier for other people to find. When you are finished just press ‘Submit’ and you will have posted your memory to the site.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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