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    Jon Lawrence

    This strand is designed for people to post memories about life in Chagford in the past – including the recent past (it’s all history). This is the place to share your memories about everyday life in the town in past decades, but we are also interested to hear about special events like coronations, royal jubilees, or VE Day, and recurring events like the Chagford Show or market days.

    We have called it ‘Life in Chagford’ to emphasise that this is the place to post memories that are about personal experiences rather than about what the town used to look like (memories about how the place has changed can be posted to the ‘Chagford Streets and Buildings’ strand). If there is already a thread about the experience you remember then please add a comment to the existing thread, if not please create a new one. There is an almost infinite range of possible topics that would fit here – memories about school, work, sport, leisure and much besides would all fit in this strand.

    Finally, this strand is for memories about the town itself. Memories about places and life in the surrounding villages, hamlets and farmsteads are best posted to the ‘Outside the Town’ strand of the Memory Bank.

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    • This topic was modified 1 year, 11 months ago by Jon Lawrence.
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