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    Jon Lawrence

    Gladyswood, 1 Lower Street by Lorna Young


    Early in December 1963, my husband’s work as a Veterinary Surgeon brought us to Chagford. The main Veterinary Practice was in Okehampton but the Principal, wanting to increase its range, decided to buy a house here. It was a truly horrible dwelling, just unsuitable in every way. Tall, with a thatched roof, it sat on a bend in the road next to Bishop’s House. There was a very narrow pavement outside. The front door opened onto a steep staircase. On the ground floor to the left was a dark and gloomy kitchen. To the right was a similarly unlovely dining room. At the back was a coal cellar. At the top of the first flight of stairs was a sitting room to the left, a bedroom to the right, and a bathroom. Continuing a short passage from the first flight was a back door and a pocket handkerchief garden. Ascending the second flight of stairs, one reached two more bedrooms, a nursery for our firstborn and a ‘spare’ bedroom.

    All very inconvenient and particularly for a pregnant mum and a two year old! I think that the Practice owner saw that this was far from an ideal situation. Afraid maybe of losing an excellent vet, he decided to buy a much more desirable property in Chagford Square, which has been the Young family home to this day.

    Many years after leaving the horrid house, it and its two neighbouring dwellings were destroyed by fire. There were no fatalities and the building was replaced with a small garden, improving the visibility for traffic and enhancing the approach to the town.

    Lorna Young

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